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Keeping the boat afloat and on course

10 Nov 2016 1:19 PM | Kate McLaughlin (Administrator)

A Meet & Greet event was held in Cordova on Nov. 5, during which attendees were asked about PWSKeeper projects and areas of focus. We also discussed strategies to keep the public informed and of how to most effectively address priority issues with no staff and a limited budget.  

Keeping our Mission Statement always in mind, "Grass roots advocacy for preserving water quality in Prince William Sound Alaska for all users."  is the first step of focusing effort and creating action strategies. Collaborating with like-minded organizations and individuals in order to maximize impact, is the 2nd.  

Fundraising is a huge issue right now for PWSoundkeeper.  We are afloat but heading for the shoals.  Funding for south central Alaska environmental organizations has been increasingly drying up, and the availability of future funding looking even more bleak.  As a grass-roots citizen advocacy organization our funding resource choices are even more limited as we do not want to be constrained by taking money from businesses or government that might want to limit our ability to comment and act upon their decisions.  

Prince William Soundkeeper is here for you, but without your support, we won't be for much longer.  Please consider giving a tax deductible donation today.  

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