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Perfect weather for the 2014 Cordova Harbor Clean-up! 

Thank you to all who participated making this a successful and fun event!

Clean Harbors Initiative Program

2012 -2013

In 2012 PWSK joined forces with the Native Village of Eyak, the Oil Spill Recovery Institute, Alaska Sea Grant, Prince William Sound Science Center, Cordova Fisherman’s Union and the Cordova Harbor Commission to provide education and outreach at the Cordova Harbor during the summer.  Allen Marquette is the Outreach Coordinator and armed with his crew of enthusiastic volunteers, has been informing the harbor users about water quality issues and asking to take part in a short survey on what is perceived as the biggest problems and needs for the Cordova Harbor.

Pictured above is Mike Scott taking the survey and volunteer Michelle Hahn O'leary explaining the project to him at the Cordova High School during the April 2012 Health Fair.

PWSK hopes to continue this successful collaboration with the ultimate goal to expand this program to other Prince William Sound Communities.

PWSK’s Clean Harbors Clean Boating (Clean Harbors) program is significant because it is the first-ever focused and cohesive effort for organization of marine debris removal and prevention across the Sound. Clean Harbors addresses the need for attention to all five harbors - the areas of highest concentrated human impact, and the points of entry into Prince William Sound. Attention is focused on human habits that are the root cause of marine debris with a goal of creating a new clean and safe boating norm - the key to long-term debris prevention.

In 2007 PWSK established the PWS Harbor Master Working Group - the first of its kind in the Sound, to strengthen relationships and communication with and among individual harbor masters; and to work together to strengthen policies and operations. In 2009, members determined to hold their first annual conference in conjunction with the Alaska Association of Harbor Masters and Port Administrators annual conference. Topics before the PWS group include oil spill prevention and response, marine debris, facility needs and policy regarding derelict vessels. 

PWSK’s Clean Harbors Program airs daily 30-second public service announcements on public radio serving the Prince William Sound watershed & operates a 1-800 hotline so the public can report environmental observations. To fully inform harbor users, informational materials such as posters, fliers and brochures are  customized for each of the Sound’s five communities.

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Marine Debris Biodegradation Timeline

 Plywood  1-3
 Cigarette Butts 1-5
 Plastic Bag 10-20
 Nylon Fabric 30-40  
 Tin Can 50
Foam Plastic Cup    50  
Rubber Boot Soles  50-80  
Foam Plastic Buoys  80  
Aluminum Can  80-200
Disposable Diaper   450  
Plastic Bottles  450
 Monofilament Fishing Line  600


U.S. National Park Service; “Garbage in, garbage out’

Audubon magazine and Mote Marine Lab, Sarasota, Fl.
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