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In addition to fun, the most important contribution that education and outreach efforts can have is to develop public commitment to water quality protection. Prince William Soundkeeper stakeholders have been involved in restoration and cleanup of marine debris since the 1989 ExxonValdez oil spill. Clean up sites include coastlines, harbors and remote islands. As the organization has grown, the program has evolved to include educational programming, data collection and analysis and surveys of commercial and recreational resource users.

PWSK seeks to go beyond debris clean up, emphasizing increased public understanding of the impacts of marine debris, identifying human habits that are the root cause of marine debris, and changing those behaviors through public outreach and education.


The marine debris clean up weekend was fun and impacted me a lot. The next week when I went shopping, the experience made me much more attentive to my choices. Thank you!”

Ellen Americus
PWSK Member & Volunteer
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