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Spring 2013

The Prince William Sound Science Center has been an invaluable partner with Prince William Soundkeeper since the organization's beginning.  Working together on education and outreach allows us to pool our resources for a more effective and long-lasting impact that promotes both our mission's: teaching the next generation about water quality and instilling a sense of stewardship for our environment and ecosystem that we hope will last a lifetime.
In May staff of PWSSC visited the Native Village of Chenega in western Prince William Sound to teach the local students about water quality.  In the classroom the kids learned how to use watermonitoring test kits, then went down to the small boat harbor to put to use their new knowledge.

Eyak Lake Monitoring with PWSSC and Cordova Schools

Launched in fall of 2009, the Eyak Lake monitoring project is a community-based environmental monitoring project to collect water quality data in Eyak Lake. The primary objective of this project is to gain an understanding of the interconnectedness of physical and biological parameters in an ecosystem, specifically water quality changes resulting from climate change and its effects on salmon productivity in Eyak Lake.

Classroom sessions and monthly water quality monitoring sessions were conducted by twenty forth grade students as follows:

September: Field Work. Minnow traps & Monitoring protocols.

October: Begin group rotation field trips.

November: Intro to Eyak Lake, glacial runoff & turbidity.

December & January: Eyak Lake film, riparian zone, how turbidity affects photosynthesis and the salmon food web.

March: Water pollution, contaminants, and runoff. 

April: Review of the year, writing reflection 

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