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Writing a Letter to the Editor:
Formatting and Tips

To the Editor,
  • Make your letter short and clear. Most papers have 200-250 word limits. Check your papers guidelines before sending in a letter.
  • Stick to one issue and stick to the facts.
  • Write on timely issues.The best way to get published is by responding to a letter or article that was recently published in the paper.
  • Think locally. Demonstrate how this issue affects you personally, use statistics if you have them, and give the source of your information.
  • Make your comments constructive. Never make accusation. This can get you or your organization into trouble and turn readers off.
  • Customize each letter if sending to more than one paper. Don't send the same letter to more than one publication.
  • Proofread. Most newspapers will read for spelling errors, but it is better to check it yourself.
  • Include your contact information. They will not print your info, but they need it to verify that you wrote the letter. Include your name, address, and phone number.
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